Notes on the Author’s Creative Choices

     Not much was ever established concerning the Power Rangers of Aquitar and their campaigns to protect their own world.  Pretty much all there ever was were references to Hydro Hog and the Hydro-Contaminators.  Considering Aquitar’s need for a full set of Rangers, it seems unlikely that those two foes were all there ever were.  Consequently, this fanfiction series is set concurrently with the first two seasons of MMPR.  That is to say that this is my take on the story of what was going on on Aquitar when the original five were just getting the power from Zordon on Earth.
     As this is intended to be a series in the spirit of the golden days of the show (IMHO the series’ third season), the chapters should be treated as you would episodes.  Each one is more or less self contained with the exception of the occasional two parter and the overall story arc.  Also following in the great Power Rangers tradition, you’ll take note of an attempt at the formulaic format of the characters and their interactions; for example, the baddies have their typical mindless foot soldiers (a la Putties) and the good guys have their typical wise teacher/master (a la Zordon).  This is done consciously with nostalgia in mind.  However, language and some themes aim this fanfic at a more mature audience, around 16 and older.
     Since they are well chronicled by the series, I will not be focusing on the events in the Alien Rangers saga from the end of the third season.  It is my intention to give a scenario for what might have happened on Aquitar leading up to those events.  However, extrapolations from the Aquitian Rangers’ personalities as I saw them there are used.  Through that and some references to the baddies of that time, there is an attempt at continuity with the show.
    There are some snippets of an Aquitian language in the fic.  They are intended to hold up to some Linguistic scrutiny… but not a whole lot.  In general, context of the story will let you know what was said, but if there’s a phrase that confounds you completely, e-mail me and I’ll provide a translation.
     As a final note, I am a college undergrad working toward a major in Astrophysics.  This leaves me with very little time to work on fanfiction.  Consequently, updates are likely to be few and very far between.  Please excuse the low frequency.  ^_^;
     That’s all.  Enjoy and please remember to tell me what you think of the series.

     Your author,