Chronicles of Ithilien “Trailer”

This is just a short, little ditty I whipped up for the folks over at the HASA message boards.  Enjoy!  ^_^


Music: Boromir at the Council of Elrond (first appearance of the Gondor theme in FotR)

Text: The One Ring is destroyed.

Pan over a shot of a desolate plain, Mordor, ending with the broken black gates of the Morannon.

Text: The King has returned.

Gandalf places the Winged Crown on Aragorn’s head.

Text: Ithilien grows green once again.

Faramir, in a garden, looking at a tree with drooping, silver leaves with very bright smile of wonder.

Text: Peace has come to Middle-earth.

An old man and a child, grandfather and grandchild, on the banks of the Andúin, fishing in the shadow of the Osgiliath ruins.

Music: RoTK trailer up to 1:05.

Text: But shadows of the past remain...

Faramir, in a dark room, reaches a hand out to the Anor-stone Palantír while an image of two burning hands is in it.

Faramir (VO): Something haunts my thoughts, as if some parasite crawls from black and twisted cracks.

Beregond, dressed as Captain of the White Company, speaks with his younger brother, Iorlas, in a busy square.  There is dried blood on Iorlas’ armor.

Beregond: Minas Morgul still stands; the King’s order concerning it has not yet been carried out.  Evil abides there still.

Text: ... and the world of Men now stands alone.

Aragorn, in the throne hall of the Tower of Ecthelion, near glaring at the person he is speaking to.  Faramir can be seen over his left shoulder with a similar expression.

Aragorn: The time of the Wizards is ended.  Men now rule their own fate.

An armored Faramir leads the White Company to battle on horseback.
Legolas and two other Elven warriors, one male archer called Valithar, one female pike-wielder called Hadoriel, battle their way through a multitude of Orcs and Uruk-hai.

Morínehtar (VO, angered): You will fight!  Or Ithilien will fall and you will die!

Beregond and a teen-aged Bergil are alone in a room, Beregond is wearing his full armor.  They are arguing.

Beregond: No soldier rides to battle assuming that his enemy is weaker than he!  To do so is folly!
Bergil: I came through the Dawnless Day!
Beregond: You did not see any real battle in the Dawnless Day!

A Dwarf with a very large shield, Ghan, bull-rushes a line of Orcs.  Gimli charges along behind him swinging axes.

Beregond stands in the Forbidden Pool, lit by unnatural light.

Maelrúth (VO): T’was his own brothers in arms he slew at Fen Hollen!

Maelrúth stands before Aragorn in Minas Tirith, angered.

Maelrúth (continued from last): I will no longer stand to see it unpunished!

In the throne hall of the White Tower, Beregond fights a masked figure who is clad head to toe in black and is using a pair of hook-shaped swords.  Faramir is in the background cradling his right wrist which has an arrow through it.

A winged creature with an Orc riding it swoops down over a battlefield and grabs a rider of the White Company.

Faramir (VO): What would you have me do, Éowyn?

Faramir and Éowyn are in their chambers, having a private argument.

Faramir (continued from last): I am Arandur, king’s servant!  It is I who draws my sword for him!
Éowyn: (angered, yet quiet) I would not have you forget your duties to your family.

Faramir, adult Bergil, and late-teens Elboron fight a massive, halberd-wielding Uruk-hai amid a very, very large battle in which Men seem to be fighting for both sides.  Emyn Arnen is in the background.

Bergil (VO): Ithilien is attacked!  Prince Faramir calls for aid!

Text: There is no peace...

Fully-armored Faramir, holding a sword in one hand and the White Rod of the Stewards in the other, looks out upon the citadel of Minas Estel in Emyn Arnen.  In the plains below, a massive army is approaching.

Text: ... without war.

Faramir on horseback, leading the White Company.  He holds up his sword and yells “flame light!”  The Company answers “flee night!”

Music: “Use Well the Days” from 2:09 to end.

Fade through montage of faces: Faramir, Éowyn, Aragorn, Arwen, Beregond, late-teens Elboron, teenage Eldamir, late-teens Bergil, Legolas, Gimli, Éomer, Merry, Pippin, Damrod, Mablung, Léowine, Ioreth, Urlak the Orc-king, a man masked in black, an old man with white hair and beard, leaning on a walking stick.

Fade to black.

Title card: Chronicles of Ithilien.

Music ends.

Fade series of texts: (1) Chapters one through three now playing...
(2) Chapters 4 through 9 coming soon...

Fade out.