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Kon-nya-nichiwa!  Welcome to the one, the only webpage devoted to Robotech: To Dream With the Stars!  I'm your host, Berz, and I'll be showing you around this little piece of work that has, truth be told, turned into a much bigger monster than I had originally intended.  ^_^;  But more on that in a section or two...

By the way, this page is best viewed with eyes.  ^_~  Having the Robotech Complete font will help enhance the experience, but it's not entirely needed.

Latest Chapter

Chapter Eight: Firestorm
The Zentraedi sue for peace with the crew of the SDF-1 and Max finally begins to understand the war a bit better. But just as the war appears to be coming to an end, the crew is informed of the approaching onslaught of the entire Zentraedi Grand Fleet. Max and Miriya debate their combined role in the coming fight, and Max resigns himself to Miriya's convictions. As the battle ensues, they discover they are a force to be reckoned with.

Back Chapters

Chapter One: Catastrophe
Chapter Two: Flight School
Chapter Three: Vermillion Team
Chapter Four: Shattered Dreams
Chapter Five: Duelists
Chapter Six: Breaking Point
Chapter Seven: Haze

Abandonned Chapters

Yes, I'm afraid you really did read that correctly.  Back in the day, when I was convinced this behemoth of a fanfiction was going to span the entire Robotech saga, including all the novels, these were some of the chapters I had planned out.  They have since found themselves on the cutting room floor in the name of brevity.  You can read more about that further on down this page.  But, for a glimpse of what might have been, I thought I would leave these here.

Abandonned Next Chapter
Chapter Nine: Father's Day
Max and Miriya's world is turned upside down when they find she is pregnant. Both parents are somewhat nonplused by the news and are unsure how to proceed at first, but finally decide to go ahead. As Max realizes he is forming a new family out of the ashes of his old life, he wonders about the consequences of bringing a life into a world ravaged by war.

Other Abandonned Chapters
Chapter Ten: Wraith
Chapter Eleven: Between the Stars
Chapter Twelve: War of Words
Chapter Thirteen: Alas, Macross
Chapter Fourteen: Civil Action
Chapter Fifteen: Honor Bound
Chapter Sixteen: Wolff Pack
Chapter Seventeen: Death Dance
Chapter Eighteen: SDF-3

and there were to be still more to come after that...


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Introducing Arianna Allan!
Illustration for Chapter Two: Flight School

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Illustration for Chapter Four: Shattered Dreams

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2/9/06 - Oh, for the love of GOD!
    Following still another e-mail asking when the next chapter is going to be posted and since I'm in the process of moving my webpage anyway, I discovered that this, of all pages, was one of the few places where I had neglected to mention that TDWTS has been ended.  I was working on chapter nine one day, several years ago now, and it occurred to me that there was very little more that I really needed to say.  After a great deal of soul searching, I decided to end TDWTS after chapter eight.  "Father's Day" and several chapters after it were turning into very bad pieces of h/c fic, which is not my thing in the slightest.  Not only that, but the characters had pretty much done all the growing they were going to do in my mind.  I may, some day in the future, compile the little snips and snibbles of the abandonned chapters and post them here, but don't expect anything terribly coherant.
    So, really, you can all stop pestering me, now, because you have a definitive answer to your question.  TDWTS is officially ended with chapter eight.
    That being said, if anyone wishes to take up the banner and write something further, I would not be adverse to it.  In fact, I would be downright flattered.  Just ask me first, all right?  Who knows; I may even be willing to post it up on my site.
    And with that, I give thanks to each and every one of you who has been a reader of this fic for the past... lordie, has it really been 8 years?  TDWTS remains my most requested, reviewed, and most popular fanfiction.  At times it's really for reasons passing my understanding, but there you have it.  I did a great deal of growing up, learning, and in some ways getting over myself in the course of writing this fic.  In many ways, TDWTS was the bridge to a lot of things I am wokring on now and I would not be where I am in this hobby without having written it.  In the meantime, I hope you wouldn't abandon me altogether just because I'm not writing this fic any more.  I've got many other projects floating out there on the net and many other fics posted on my website.  It would fill me with joy if you ventured over there and read a fic or two, for old time's sake.
    And so, finally, I bid you all well in the future.
    Your friend in ficcing,

8/16/01 - Here it is, 12:30 in the morning and I'm updating this sucker. I guess moving and revamping this page really inspired me because I finally got chapter eight done. Once I started plowing through it, I managed to write about half the chapter over the course of the day! O_o Writer's block, eat my dust!
- Now that I've gotten past Dolza's Rain of Death, the chapters may come quickly one after another for a little bit (although, you shouldn't hold me to that, obviously. Not with the way I work ^_^;...). Chapters Nine, Ten, and Eleven already have substantial parts written from two years ago when this thing was only supposed to be a little thing to fill in a few holes here and there. I may end up doing some tweaking on them, yet, which may slow me down again, though. We'll have to see how the muse treats me. ^_~

8/13/01 - Well, here we go again.  Seems I just got this thing up and running over at Homestead and they decide to start charging money for their service.  Figures.  I'm always just a bit too late to such things.  So, here we are now at Geocities.  Hopefully, this place will stay free, because I can't afford to pay anyone, being the poor college student that I am.  Be sure to update your links and if you know anyone who was following the story and suddenly can't find it, let them know where it is, k?  ^_^
            - Meanwhile, I'm still working on Chapter Eight and I hope to get it posted here soon.  If you'd like to get an e-mail when it's finally up, drop me an e-mail, and I'll send out a little note when it's up.  I hope to have it up before I return to school for the next semester, in a little less than a month.
            - Also, this is a reminder to those who have heard and a piece of news to those who haven't.  Robotech is currently being released by ADVision on DVD!  Those of you lucky enough to have had the old VHS tapes can retire the poor, tired, stretched, copies and get 'em on the medium that will let Robotech last forever!  The rest of us can get it for the first time!  The first two boxed sets are out already, making up the first 24 episodes and two disks of extra material.  I highly suggest the boxed sets, since the extra material doesn't come on the episode DVDs.  Also, a very big KUDOS to ADV for releasing Robotech and further for releasing it dirt cheap at somewhere around $16 per DVD!  O_o  The third boxed set (and the next two DVDs) is set to come out on September 18th.  The extras disk of the set will, reportedly, include the Robotech II: The Sentinels movie!  ^_^

The Story's Story!

This is it, folks!  Ever wonder how this behemoth got started?  Want to know how the author doesn't loose her mind as she continues it?  Read the real-life story of the story right here on the one true page deveoted to To Dream With the Stars!


    Well, with the recent move away from Homestead, I've lost all my neat-o nifty little feedback gizmos, at least for the moment.  I plan to do some peeking around to see if I can't find something to replace them, but until then, just remember that my e-mail is always there.  I love feedback of all kinds (aside from flames, trust me, I'll just laugh at you), so drop me a line at!  Love it?  Hate it?  Feel free to tell me why in either case!  ^_^

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    Never can be too careful with disclaimers...
    Anything and everything Robotech belongs to Harmony Gold.  I'm borrowing it without their permission and I'm not getting anything but a little bit of fun out of it.  To Dream With the Stars may be freely distributed on the internet as long as all headers, footers, and notes remain in tact.
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