Hadoriel Celeblas

Click for higher resolution picturePlayer: Berzerker_prime
Race: Wood Elf (Sy'Tel'Quessir)
Class: Ranger (level 6), Fighter (level 3)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 141 years
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 80 (but you should never ask a girl with sharp weapons her weight!)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond

About the Character
    Though Hadoriel is the hunter-tracker of the company, what she excels at most is getting into the thick of fights.  She will at times show signs of her proper up-bringing, but she is no common maid by any stretch of the imagination.  She delights in the shine and hum of bladed weapons, especially of the more peculiar kind.  Her weapon of choice is the duom, an exotic type of spear with two extra blades along the sides, which she set out to learn nearly as soon as she set her eyes upon it, seeing it as a wonderful challenge.  When her duom won't serve, she uses a long sword or begins to toss about some of the many throwing knives she carries in her bandoleer.
    Hadoriel hails from Deepingdale, and has only recently told the group what set her on the path of an adventurer.  As had been implied through a great many of her actions and attitudes up until then, Hadoriel is something of a big shot back home.  It seems that, as her father's only child, she is the sole heir to the lordship of the Celeblas clan and it is this that is the source of her troubles.  Lord Borocrist, the patriarch of the clan and Hadoriel's father, arranged a marriage for her to a distant relative, her eleventh cousin Angrenir, who is involved in a plot to take over lordship of the clan sooner than the natural death of Lord Borocrist.  In an effort to protect her father, Hadoriel fled Deepingdale and the betrothal.  Wrapped up in the plot are the mysterious and timely death of Angrenir's father, a charm spell that was at one time placed on Hadoriel, and blood ties to the drow in the branch of the clan from which Angrenir comes.
    The first of the company she met up with was Valathar, when they shared a common teacher in the woods of the North.  When Valathar was sent to go out and see the world, their teacher sent Hadoriel along to keep an eye on him.  Hadoriel takes this assignment quite seriously as she's seen in Valathar a propensity for violence and will often halt him before he can do anything by grabbing on to one ear.  The habit was picked up by the company's third Elf, Xyphael, for a time before Valathar went missing while pursuing some of the Eldtreth Veluuthra.
    She didn't set out to take the role, but Hadoriel has come to see herself as something of a leader in the company, often sharing the duty with Ghan. She's ready to make decisions when it seems the rest of the company is not and is not afraid to deal with authority figures on their own terms.
    Hadoriel has a number of strange habits.  Though she is not a musician, she carries with her a set of pipes which she is very very bad at playing.  She can play one, and only one song passably, but it is no where near the caliber of anyone who has had any lessons at all and she has not played it specifically for the company.  The piped originally belonged to Hadoriel's father.  She had occasion to grab them as she fled Deepingdale and now they are her most closely guarded possession.  She has a particular aversion to most trappings of nobility which was once brought to light by Nico who attempted to place a tiara on her head repeatedly; she threatened him with bodily harm.  Presumably, this is because of her desire not to be recognized.  For some time now, Hadoriel has taken to writing in a book of her travels and the story of what set her on her path.  Angrenir's blood-ties to the drow seem to have fostered in her a deep-seated prejudice against the dark elves.  Whether they threaten her or help her doesn't seem to matter, she simply refuses to associate with them.
    Hadoriel has come to value the other members of the company as true friends, seeing them as a collection of kindred-spirit black sheep with whom she fits in far better than her own kin at home.
    Of late, she has undergone a number of rather serious trials that have left her taxed both mentally and physically.  First was the disappearance of Valathar.  She is plenty worried for the trouble he is liable to get himself into.  Second came the company's time in Undermountain where she was finally found by a member of her family, her gold elf second cousin Amarthir Faen'Dulinn who had been sent by her mother to find her and look after her.  As she feared it would, Amarthir's appearance was directly followed by the appearance of Angrenir's lackeys looking for her.  Fearing for the rest of the company's safety, she fled them only to run into the mercenary Blackmaer who exchanged his silence on her whereabouts for her help in raiding an Elven tomb.  The whole affair ended up in a scuffle with a Mummy that Hadoriel only barely survived.  Luckily, the rest of the company refused to let her go of on her own and followed after her.  While she was recovering from that, the rest of the company returned to the tomb to get rid of the mummy.  They failed utterly even to find it and, what's ten times worse, the outing resulted in the death of Alton Goodbarrel.  To add insult to injury, the group's recent run-in with a succubus only reminded her of the horrors of Angrenir's plans for her and left her shaken.
    There are good things to come of all of this, though.  For one thing, she has finally told the company of what dangers are following her, a mark of her trust in them.  This has prompted a new way of thinking for her in that she has decided to stop running away from her problems and start doing something about them.  And she finds that the company is willing to back her; for a while they were on their way to the wars in Amn to hire themselves out as mercenaries to build a war chest with which to fight Angrenir.  Further, she has seen fit to name Ghan Ironaxe as elf-friend and do the same for Alton posthumously.
    Of late, Hadoriel has been on something of an upswing.  Her recent revelations to the company have garnered her nothing but their support.  They had planned on going north to Silverymoon to take a portal to the Dalelands, but circumstances saw them riding a teleportation spell to Impiltur instead.  They are thus heading eastward to Deepingdale.  All the while, they are gearing up for the inevitable fight against Angrenir.  Hadoriel is much more certain of this path.  In many ways, she feels as if she has found the strength to stop running from her problems and fight them.
    Though her duom is definitely the thing that most distinguishes Hadoriel, she is also known to wear an enchanted light stone as a pendant around her neck.  She also has blond hair, a rare trait in a Wood Elf.  Otherwise, she dresses as a common Elven Ranger, in leathers and cloths of browns, greens, and greys.

Current Game Stats
STR: 15
DEX: 16
CON: 13
INT: 14
WIS: 16
CHA: 13

HP: 72
AC: 20=10= 3(armor bonus)+1(shield bonus)+3(dex modifier)+1(deflection modifier)+2(misc modifier)

BAB: +9/+4

Balance: 5 ranks
Climb: 4 ranks
Concentration: 1 rank
Craft(weaponsmith): 2 ranks
Craft(leatherwork): 2 ranks
Disable Device: 2 ranks
Gather Information: 1 rank
Handle Animal: 4 ranks
Heal: 2 ranks
Hide: 4 ranks

Intimidate: 2 ranks
Jump: 4 ranks (+5 from a magic ring)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 2 ranks
Knowledge (Geography): 1 rank
Knowledge (Nature): 3 ranks
Listen: 5 ranks (+2 racial modifier) *usable once per turn as free action (Quick Reconnoiter feat)
Move Silently: 3 ranks
Perform (Dance): 2 ranks
Ride: 3 ranks
Search: 4 ranks (+2 racial modifier)
Sense Motive: 1 rank
Spot: 5 ranks (+2 racial modifier) *usable once per turn as a free action (Quick Reconnoiter feat)
Survival: 5 ranks
Swim: 1 rank
Tumble: 2 ranks
Use Rope: 2 ranks

Weapon Focus (Duom)
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Martial Weapon Proficiency
Quick Reconnoiter
Combat Expertise

Spring Attack

Whirlwind Attack

Special Abilities
Immune to magic sleep
+2 save vs. enchant
Low-light vision
Sense/conceal secret doors
Languages (Common, Elven, Illuskan, Sylvan)
Favored Enemy (Orcs, Goblinoids)
Wild Empathy
Combat Style - Ranged (Rapid Shot, Many Shot)

Duom (primary weapon): +13/+8 attack bonus; d8+2 damage; x3 critical; 10'range (reach); piercing primary attack, slashing secondary; Masterwork, silver
Throwing Knives: +11/+6 attack bonus; d4+2 damage; x2 critical; 20' range; piercing; 20 shots
Long Sword: +12/+7 attack bonus; d8+2 damage; 19-20, x2 critical; piercing; Masterwork
Dagger: +12/+7 attack bonus; d4+3 damage; 19-20, x2 critical; piercing; Magic
Short Sword: +12/+7 attack bonus; d6+3 damage; 19-20, x2 critical; slashing, Magic

Armor and Shields
Studded Leather

Other Possessions
Provision Bag (rope ladder, winds, 6 candles, 6-oz jar, water skin, torch, horn, flint & steel, sewing needle, ration packs for 2 weeks, field glass, chalk x 9, 1/2 lb sack of flour x 3, 50' rope, copper key, 100' string, map making kit, ascender, ivory tusks, tanned hide, potion of cure heavy wounds)
Moonstone Ring (protection +1)

Browdow’s Ring of Utmost Weapon Harm (stats forthcoming)
2 daggers
Light gem (lv 3 Clr)

Berz goes total geek and dresses up as her RPG character!Further Trivia
As the only female member of the gaming group, I originally conceived of Hadoriel as something of a gag character.  I set out to make her the quintessential Mary-Sue; a weapon-obsessed, good-looking but tom-boyish Elf girl who never fit in at home.  Even her name is a sort of a gag; taken from the Tolkienian Elven language Sindarin, it means "maiden who throws spears and knives," or as I like to say "chick who throws sharp, pointy objects."  She has since grown into something far more interesting and complex.
    A randomly wandering mind during a history lecture one day produced a family tree for Hadoriel which includes sixteen generations and five branch families of note.  Each and every name on that tree has a specific meaning in Tolkien's Sindarin Elvish language and several have Quenya epithets as well.
    With a need for a quick character to populate the landscape of a Lord of the Rings fanfiction, I adapted Hadoriel to the Tolkien universe.  There, she bears more clearly her roots as a gag Mary-Sue, but has taken other interesting turns.  Her inclusion in the fanfic has drummed up inspiration to include the rest of the Company of the Combustible Commode, as well; so far, Valathar and Ghan have appeared and Alton, Nico, and Xyphael will join them in a moment of comic relief and tribute to the gaming group in the near future.  The crap-houses of Minas Tirith had better look out!
    The book that Hadoriel is currently writing is actually being written.  I'm almost certain it will come into play at some point.
    As a costumer by hobby, I had to take up the challenge of dressing up as Hadoriel.  I achieved this goal on Halloween of 2004 and really freaked out a number of the gamers in the group when I walked in carrying a duct-tape-duom.  ^_^
    Since Halloween of 2004, the costume has shown up in a number of places, including several conventions.  The picture to the left was taken during CONvergence 2005.  But no greater test did the costume face than Ring Game Spring 2006.  There, it was dragged through the mud (literally; it rained all day) and through the branches and brambles.  I'm proud to say that it came out a little soggy, but none the worse for wear.  So it is, in fact, something that a Ranger could wear comfortably.  ^_^

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Character created by Sarah Bloy in conjunction with Bob Laib, GM, using Dungeons & Dragons v 3.5