Bristol Rennaissance
Faire 2005

Got a little Captain in me! About the same time as CONvergence, the House of the Traveller's Rest was formed, consisting of myself and my friends Robert, Craig, and Ed.  Yes, those are good odds for me.  ^_~
    Our first house trip was a July visit to the Bristol Rennaissance Faire just south of Kenosha, Wisconsin.  While there, I was introduced to the local chapter of the International Wenches' Guild, the Guild of the Garter.  After one day of hanging out, and a quick dodging of a Roguing from the local chapter of the International Brotherhood of Rogues, Scoundrels, and Cads, I was resolved to join the guild for faire-going women playtrons.
    Thus, the birth of Mondegreen.
    This has rapidly become a Renn Faire persona for me and a chance to be someone that I am too shy to be in every day life.  As a Wench, Mondegreen is quite a bit more... er... outgoing than I am, so really she tends to have a lot more fun than me.
    And that brings me to a few stories, but first I have to explain a few things.
    The main activity of the members of the Wenches' Guild is the Wench Walk.  Consisting of at least seven officially registered Wenches (or, Wenches in Post, as I was at the time), called a lust, it involves a walk around the Faire, singing bawdy songs until we come across a target.  Said man is sat down nicely and then is showered with *ahem* affection and lip-stick kisses (all above the collar, though; faire is a family show, after all).
    My first Wench Walk happened on my second trip to Bristol in the summer of '05.  One of the Wenches was a Navy teacher and managed to get several of her former students to Bristol during their shore leave.  The Wenches then pounced.  And I am proud to say that through the use of a whisper (which will remain my little secret!), I managed to make one of their eyes pop!  That's right; sweet, innocent, little me made a sailor blush!  That day also saw the birth of what Craig dubbed my "patented head-to-boob technique."  Shivers, gentlemen?  I assure you, it's fun and a good view!
    My third trip down that summer saw me Wenching Craig and Robert both.  Robert was Wenched for his birthday and we nabbed Craig just for good measure.  They got me back, though, by making me the target of a Roguing (that's the Rogues' equivilant of a Wench Walk, but they don't get to touch; only hand over roses and kiss hands.  Wenches definately have more fun!).  I saw it coming, though.  Poor Craig tried so hard to have it be a complete surprise.  But I was keeping one hell of a close eye on him and his brothers went and assembled right in front of me!  Must be kinda like herding cats.
    My fourth trip that summer, on the Sunday of the last weekend, was my first quality time with the other Wenches.  No Wench Walk that day, but we went shopping and cavorting around, ditching the guys.  The Rogues, meanwhile, were mustering to Rogue the Queen of Bristol.  What a sight to see!

Mustering Rogues Let's all stand around a while...

The Queen approaches! Here she comes!  Everyone, quick, get ready!

Rogues lookin' as good as they do! The Rogues... lookin' as good as they do!  The first Rogues ever to Rogue the Queen!

Kissing the Queen's hand! They dun good!  She lets them kiss her hand!

Successful Roguing! The Queen is speechless!

    I had a blast going to Faire this summer!  I have to give a special thanks to Madame Kate, Beth, Nimue, Paradox, Jezzi, Scarlet, and all the other Wenches of Local 34.5 for welcoming me into their midst with open arms.  And another special thanks to Robert, Craig, Douglass, Curben, Lynk, and all the Rogues for flirting with Mondegreen as well!  Huzzah!

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