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    Hey, everyone!  This is my little corner of the web where I share all of my adventures in fan costuming of various sorts.  From dressing up for Anime conventions to running around in the woods dressed up as a Tolkien Elf, here's stories, pictures, and explanations of all kinds!

    NOTE:  I'm quite a bit behind on these reports.  I'll try to spend some time catching up on them and in the meantime, I'm going to start doing them right away, again.  As a result, some in the middle won't be up for a while, but scroll to the bottom to see the newest events!  ^_^
    ANOTHER NOTE: And now I've decided to move my webpage to something more stable and less-advertisement-ridden than Geocities, so I'm behind on the reports again.  Working on everything, folks!  Really!

Anime Central 2002: My first experience at an Anime con, April 2002 in Rosemont, IL.

Second Age Game 2002: AKA Memoirs of a Nandor Elf Newbie.  My first Ring Gaming adventure.

Fall Ring Game 2002: The original Ring Game in all its glory!  AKA The Rebellious Costume of Lindir the Elf.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers movie premier night: The third appearance of the ever-evolving Elf costume!

NoBrand Con 2003: April 2003 in Eau Claire, WI.

Spring Ring Game 2003: We go, we go, we go to war, to hew the stone and smash the door!

Anime Club of UW Madison's Witch Hunter Robin Night:  Lots and lots of black!

Anime Central 2003:  My return to Rosemont, IL in May 2003 for the Midwest's premier Anime event!

Anime Club of UW Madison's Miyazaki Fest: Berz has bad hair and NoFace taunts a club member!

Second Age Game 2003: Dwarves wreak much havoc!

Fall Ring Game 2003: Orcs, orcs, everywhere, and still we cannot win!

Halloween 2003:  Wherein Berz sees a Stormtrooper teaching a section of Freshman physics!

Lord of the Rings Trilogy Tuesday:  Eowyn and two Hobbits, chillin' at the movies!

No Brand Con 2004:  The reason I now hate doing costumes with wings...

Spring Ring Game 2004: Wherein Berz OWNZ her Citadel Guard character!

Anime Central 2004:  Berz dresses as an Elf of a different universe!

Anime Club's Samurai and Ninja Weekend: Er... I don't know how this got here...

Safety Dance Music Video Shoot: We can dance if we want to, we can leave Dodgeville behind!

Second Age Game 2004:  High-ho!  High-ho!  It’s off to war we go!

Fall Ring Game 2004:  Wherein no living man may hinder Berz... but Dark Elves, on the other hand...

Halloween 2004:  The whirlwind weekend of costumes!

Anime Detour 2005:  Geekness beyond Star Trek, nerdness beyond dice that roll...

Spring Ring Game 2005:  Trollie, trollie, trollie!

Star Wars Episode III Midnight Madness: Look!  I'm a dead Jedi with cleavage!!!

CONvergence 2005: Whatever happened to Jedi Master Shaak Ti? She ended up at a con!

Bristol Rennaissence Faire 2005: ...and the Lady Mondegreen...

Second Age Game 2005: Wherein Berz is strong... Strong... STROOONNNGGG!!!

Ring Game Fall 2005: Drink up, me harties, yo-ho!

Halloween 2005: Recycled costumes for all!

Sarah the Fool: Berz becomes a SCAdian in the Barony of Jararvellir!

Northshield Coronation Spring 2006: Long live their stellar majesties King Lars and Queen Mary!

NoBrand Con 2006: Wherein a cat gets Berz's tongue.

Ring Game Spring 2006: In-jokes fly and rain falls!

Anime Central 2006: Wherein Berz throws useless directions out the window.

Northshield Warriors and Warlords: “We Sucked and it Was Fun!”


Upcoming Events...                                         ... And their planned costumes...  

Second Age Game 2006                                                       Isildur

Ring Game Fall 2006                                                             Unknown... waiting for picks meeting.

Halloween 2006

Knowne World Costuming Symposium

Anime Central 2007                                                                 Ranma Saotome, Joey Wheeler (Doom Saga), Mai Valentine (Doom Saga)

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