UW Madison Anime Club's Witch Hunter Robin Night

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    Between all the madness of other cosplaying endeavors, TPTB of the Anime Club of University of Wisconsin - Madison decided that we were going to have a "Witch Hunter Robin Night" in honor of one of the series we were watching that semester.  For this, we held a costume contest.  Winning categories were the following:

Most Black
Most Layers
Most Layers of Black
Blackest Black
Best Character Likeness
Best Costume Innovation
Best in Show

    Fellow Gung Ho Otaku Megan and I were the costume judges (as well as being dressed up) and we were astonished at the work we found had been put into the costumes.  Techniques ranged from hand-dyeing of fabrics to welding of metal hair pieces.  We had characters such as Robin (actually we had two of those... three if you count Megan, but as a judge, she wasn't entered) and Amon, one person who made an impressive Orbo pendant, and one person who had a "television" to peer out of made out of scrap paper.  The two winners of the most layers competition tied with seven layers.  The Best in Show award went to one of the Robins.

    For my part, I was between more pressing costuming events (Ring Game and Anime Central), so I took to scrounging for my outfit.  I started with my one and only black dress, tied a white lace shawl around my waist for the a bit of a goth look, and wore a black velveteen jacket I had scrounged from a curbside and had washed.  An attempt was made to put my hair up like Robin's but scraps of fabric, wire, rubber bands, and Megan's skills were no match for my disobedient hair.  In the end, I settled for wrapping the two scraps of black fabric around two locks of hair and left it at that.  On the way to club, I stopped at a shop on State Street and got a small, green glowstick to serve as Orbo.

    Megan's costume was much better... and apparently much more harrowing an experience.  She wrestled with the issues of having the wrong kind of dye, having her car break down while she was trying to get the right kind of dye, accidentally dyeing her cell phone, spilling said dye all over the basement floor, and sewing a pillow into her skirt for a bustle.  My hats off to her for not giving up after the cell phone incident.  I think I probably would have cut my losses at that point.

    Fast Facts: WHR night was held on April 14th, 2003.  The Anime, Witch Hunter Robin, is reportedly on its way to the states as a domestic release.

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