Aquitian Language (Kirtwar)

Morpheme order



I    ma-
You    tay-
He    fu-
She    lu-
One    han-
It    la-
Plural     -ni-

(question marker)  -fa-
(negative marker)  -do-

I Verb    -no-
I verbbed   -nona-
I was verbing   -ho-
I have been verbing  -hona-
I did verb   -ga-
I had verbbed   -gana-
I will verb   -gil-
I shall have verbbed  -gilna-
I am going to verb  -kin-
I am going to have verbbed -kinqu-
I would verb   -len-
I would have verbbed  -lenna-
That I may verb  -yon-
That I may have verbbed -yonna-
That I might verb  -wek-
That I might have verbbed -wekna-

Roots (verbs) (note: nouns can be made by adding a u to the end) (note: adding an a to the end makes it a general use, non-subject verb, as in “everyone”)
to be    -safay
to bring   -yinkay
to come   -koray
to depart   -yaraz
to die    -roay
to discover   -hanaz
to do    -loray
to drive   -kipaz
to end    -pakaz
to exist    -aray
to feel    -werkaz
to find    -koray
to forget   -ulpay
to go     -forday
to hate    -sekaz
to have    -betay
to heal    -hamar
to hear    -kikar
to hide    -tosh
to influence   -palar
to join    -yoraz
to journey   -fordaz
to know   -filay
to live    -filkaz
to look    -mechay
to make   -tofay
to miss    -mikaz
to rest    -jilay
to salute   -silhay
to save    -pokaz
to see    -biray
to seek    -mechay
to sing    -yarnaz
to stop    -dosh
to survive   -karaz
to surround   -leeshay
to tell    -halor
to touch   -hathor
to translate   -marthor
to want    -yafay

(Plural marker)  -a-
(possessive marker, also of) -ne-

all    rirda
what    po
how    yala
why    quoty

Alien    baylas
Body    milza
Brother   yuli
Child    nadegu
contaminant   conshal
darkness   calas
day    kling
eye    mi
Father    Tuli
Friend    kili
Hill    par
Home    cor
Idiot    mertil
Injustice   dokar
Mind    quikal
Minstrel   jilki
Mother    Suli
person    hitor
place    jyu
position   porus
problem   polkar
sister    kuli
sky    dora (always plural)
song    yar
spirit    kiriay
surface    parol
tale    pik
temple    puyu
tide sprite   niaru
time    chi
water    makurosu
wave    makor
wind    suren
worth    kol

Black    bak
Calm    kir
Cruel    pin
Dark    cal
Deep    yal
Destroyed    zarn
Foolish   hang
Good    oina
Invisible   palmo
Sick    gal
Wise    rofen

And     fay

Above    ki
In    ti
To    ji
None    ol