Spellweavers Cosmology


     Wadhibhan is only one of many worlds floating in the aether.  A mid-sized, temperate, blue-green world, it sits upon a crystalline sphere that revolves around the bright jewel that is the sun.  There are six other small spheres of light set in other concentric spheres of crystal, revolving around the sun.  Three of them sit closer to the sun than Wadhibhan.  The closest is Dakka the White, followed by Frenlish the Red, and Grilkor the Golden.  Together, they are known as the Sun Guardians for observers on Lathuria never see them stray very far from the sun in the sky.  Wadhibhan is known as the Middle World.  The next furthest out from the sun after Wadhibhan is Likka the Silver.  She wanders so close to Wadhibhan that sometimes the shadows of her landscapes can be seen with the naked eye.  Next furthest out is Nadehi the Blue and furthest of all is Rolidh the Black.

     The stars in the sky sit upon but a single sphere of black obsidian which marks the boundary between the material world and the Astral Plain.  They are not themselves sources of light, but are rather reflections of the light from the sun.  This black sphere, too, revolves around the sun.

     It is said that other such pockets of existence float in the Astral Plain.  But it is for the Lord of Worlds alone to move from one to another.  Though the souls of the immortal Races of Power are given leave to retreat to the Astral Plain rather than to die, they are inexplicably linked to their native sphere and they are not allowed to enter others.  The souls of Humans, the fourth Race of Power, are given a different gift.  Like the three immortals, their souls are allowed passage to the Astral Plain upon the deaths of their bodies.  However they must leave behind those bodies forever and they may remain in the Astral Plain for only a short time.  Then, they are granted leave to choose a new world upon which to be reborn and live a new life.  The immortals are given the safe certainty of one world.  Humans are given the dangerous adventures of many.

     An immortal is allowed to leave the material world by their own leave.  They may, after doing so, return to the material world whenever they so desire within the confines of time.  However, if the material body of an immortal is destroyed, they are banished to the Astral Plain for one thousand years while they gather enough soul energy to create a new body and manifest upon the material plain.  Astral living is not without its risks, either.  A being’s astral self, their soul, may be harmed on the Astral Plain.  For example, if two beings annihilate each other on the material plain and opt to continue their battle upon the Astral Plain, one or both of their astral selves may be destroyed.  If this happens, the being ceases to exist altogether.

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