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        Are you a player and looking for ways to tweak your character?  Are you a GM looking for ways of making your life easier or the campaign more interesting?  Here a few useful links and downloads to make your BESM experience more fun.

BESM at Guardians of Order - Ultimately, it's their gaming system.  It's only fair I link back to 'em.

BESM Character Generator - A very nifty tool useful for creating characters quickly without a lot of flipping back and forth for point costs.  I used this tool for all the NPCs in the Spellweavers setting.

Spellweavers Forums at Studio NCH – Sign up and discuss the game setting with the creator and those who play in Lathuria!  Hosted by Ran-san and Studio NCH.

A Short Walkthrough on Big Eyes, Small Mouth - A very handy "cheat sheet" for playing the game.  Great for those new to the Tri-Stat system!

Big Eyes, Small Mouth on Wikipedia - The Wikipedia entry for BESM.  Interestingly enough, typing "BESM" into their search gets you information about an old Russian computer...  Hmm...

Hero Machine 2.0 - A great resource for people who can't draw!  Create a picture of your character in just a few minutes!

DS_Celtic-1 - A font used throughout this page.  Download and place in your computer's fonts folder to better view the Spellweavers page!

3X3X3 - A useful activity for fleshing out new characters.  A pdf chart for creating three friends, three allies, and three enemies for your character.  Submit to your GM at your own risk!

Have a useful link to share?  Let the webmistress know about it!  Contact her at berzerker_prime (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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