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6/22/06 - Site launched.  And there was much rejoicing.

7/31/06 – Site updated.  New NPCs listed in Faces of Lathuria.  Uploaded stats and write-ups for Llanwre and Rockarth.  New forums opened to public.

9/12/06 – King Lylemuth profile and stats added to Faces of Lathuria.

6/08/07 – Several pictures and Feldan Hardrefen profile added to Face of Lathuria.

8/10/07 – Map of Lathuria posted for viewing and download.

Gaming News

7/29/06 – News has reached the webmistress that Guardians of Order, the publisher of BESM, is going out of business.  No word yet on whether or not the BESM titles or BESM 3rd edition will be picked up by other gaming companies.  The GoO website is still up and running on the web, but they are no longer taking web orders through their store there and no orders are being filled.

5/26/07 - BESM Third Edition has long-since hit the shelves! Another company seems to have rescued it from the depths of banckruptcy hell. What does that mean for Spellweavers, you ask? Well, in short, it means very little. This site will continue to be geared toward the Revised Second Edition of BESM, although if anyone wanted to do Third Edition upgrades of the characters and send them to me, I would not be adverse to posting them. For the moment, however, I will continue to focus on the previous edition, since the Second Edition being out of print allows for slightly more freedom in posting game stats. Not only that, but I'm a one-GM show, so the extra work would just be too much.

Gaming Group News - Fellowship of the Ever-Falling Troll

6/23/06 - Group met for game.

7/21/06 – Group met for game.  Currently stalking Centaur-napping baddies.

9/15/06 – Group met for game.

5/26/07 - I'm afraid I've been somewhat lax in keeping this section up to date. I'll try to summarize. During an adventure wherein the heroes worked to rescue some kidnapped Centaurs, they found themselves at odds with a powerful Demon named Kirkal. But, as Charon informed the group, Kirkal was no ordinary Demon; he has been attempting to seize power from the Demon King Kellimain for some time, now, and is searching for a source of power to help him do just that. The heroes soon learned that Kirkal may have found that source of power in the form of an ancient magic book that he could not open. He thought that he could use a blood sacrifice of innocent Centaurs to coax it open. Luckily, our heroes were there to put a stop to that plan and nab the book from him. But this pleased Kirkal none at all and the heroes were forced to flee. The four heroes soon found themselves in a small town west of the Odrican river about mid-way between Maice and Xellas. There, a grand tournament was being held which had put the town on the map for the very first time. The game was Fireball, a four-way free-for-all based around knocking a ball of fire through the walls of your opponents' fortresses. The heroes managed to get into a bar fight with the four contenders, knocking them all silly. Just then, who should show up but the tournament's patrons; Giara the Elven Knight of Earth and Quonus the Angel Knight of Protection. They drafted the heroes into replacing the game's contestants. In an upset victory, Deanna won the match and the cloak of flying that was its prize. Meanwhile, Giara and Quonus both learned of the group's recent strife with Kirkal and the mysterious book. The very next night, the heroes were awoken by the Elf and the Angel and were told to flee. It seems that Kirkal managed to find out where they went and was after them. Giara led them to the entrance of a dungeon said to be so vast that it extended all the way to the city of Quinlann. The heroes entered as Giara held off Kirkal and sealed the entrance. After crawling through the dungeon for a few days, the heroes learned that it did not extend all the way to Quinlann and ended up just coming back out where they went in. Luckily for them, enough time had passed that Kirkal had moved on to find them further along their path. The heroes then continued southward by raft on the Odrican river. Before they could get too far, though, they were attacked by some sort of water monster. Their raft was smashed and they were stranded on an island in the middle of the river which was populated by Kobalds. The monster, which they called the Water Hydra, had had the Kobalds trapped on the island for countless generations. The heroes went on a short quest to find a spell that would defeat it. They succeeded in their own, unique way and got set to move on. Their companion, Kug-Kug, however decided to stay behind with his own kind. A few days of travel down the river saw the heroes reach the city of Xellas. There, they found wanted posters of all four of them, citing theft. They managed to evade the city guard with the help of Feldan Hardrefen who had been sent by Lyssa Greymalkin to find out what the deal was with them. It became evident through their conversation that the Order of the Lamp is interested in whatever source of power Kirkal is interested in. The wanted posters also indicated the Demons and the Guild of Wizards are as well. The heroes, it seemed, found themselves in the middle of a scramble for this book they had; a book which, it turned out, once belonged to the founder of the Guild of Wizards. And that was where the last session left off on 6/19. Hopefully, I'll keep up with this a little better, now...

Convention News

5/26/07 - Hold on to your shorts, Madison! Geek-Kon is comin' at'cha! This Anime, Sci-Fi, and Gaming convention is going to be held on the University of Wisconsin campus on October 6th and 7th and, best of all, admission to the convention is absolutely free! If you're interested in attending, you can find out more at their website, here. And that's not all! I'll be running a pre-generated adventure on Sunday at Geek-Kon that will advance the overall timeline of Lathuria and the story of Spellweavers. Space will be limited, so be sure to get there and sign up for it early!

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