The Places of Lathuria

  The continent of Lathuria is big.  Really big.  You wouldn't believe how incredibly, mind-bogglingly big it is.  You may think it's a long way down to the...

    Wait.  No.  That's space.  Sorry.

    Anyways, Lathuria is a very big continent.  From western shore to eastern shore, it encircles nearly half of the circumference of the sphere of Wadhibhan and reaches to the icy fringes of the north and south.  There's every type of terrain and every type of climate as well as a myriad of different cultures scattered across its face.  With so much to keep track of, it might be helpful to have something like a travel guide, so this is it.

    Below you'll find information on several of Lathuria's major locations, including cities, fortresses, and enchanted forests.  As time goes on, I may detail further locations or go into further detail on these ones, so check back from time to time to see if there's anything new or just keep track of the News section on the front page.

***Click here for a map of the continent of Lathuria.***

Major Cities
     Atoll City

Major Ruins
      Tower of Rixx

Major Fortresses
      Hastarl's Keep

Areas and Territories
      The Desert of White Dust
      The Fable Forest
      Four-Rivers Midrealms
      Kayfor Penninsula
      Mitzan Mountains

Other Places on Lathuria
      The Crystal Orb Inn

The Astral Plain

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