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Welcome to the little page on the web that all my RPG adventures like to call home. I like to dabble in little bits of anything that comes across my path. From the online newsgroup, character driven RPG to White Wolf tabletop and the more obscure systems such as QAGS and everything in between, here you'll find information on my characters and their story lines.

At some point, I'm going to get my chronicles of quotes up here, too...

And so, without further ado, I give you... the RPGS!!!

Dungeons & Dragons - The Company of the Combustible Commode

Format: Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition table top gaming system; Bob Laib, GM

Character: Hadoriel Celeblas

Status: character still being RPed with the CotCC RPG group based in Madison, WI

This Wood-Elf Ranger didn't go out of her way to hook up with her current company.  They simply ended up together when they all took a common job as mercenary body guards.  After a few adventures that earned them the name "The Company of the Combustible Commode," they got into some trouble that was just a little too unhealthy.  Now, together with Amarthir the stuck-up Gold-Elven Wizard, Haman the socially inept Human Druid, Xyphael the bipolar Moon-Elven Bard, Ghan the overly armored Dwarven Cleric, and "Junior" Nicodemus the very impulsive Human Monk, Hadoriel will brave the winter of 1372 DR to bring home a fallen comrade and reclaim her place in her own clan.  Can the company survive "tamed" manticores, portal-hopping slavers, and Molotov cocktail throwing Goblins?

Interesting Factoids: I refuse to use what many D&D gamers use as Elvish, a guide that can be found online for "Tel'Quessir."  It is based upon Grey Company Elvish (known to those who know better as "Grelvish") which is a butchering of Tolkien's Sindarin and Quenya.  Upon any amount of linguistic scrutiny, it contains self contradicting grammatical rules and, quite frankly, it's just stupid.  So yes, I refuse.  All signs that Grelvish ever existed should be wiped from the face of the planet.  What do I use instead?  Genuine Tolkien Sindarin as taught to me by David Salo.  As such, Hadoriel's name is a Sindarin name.  It's taken from the Sindarin words hador and riel, meaning "thrower of spears and knives" and "garlanded maiden" respectively.  In short, Hadoriel means "garlanded maiden who throws sharp, pointy objects."  ^_^
Interestingly enough, the Company is starting to gain some net fame.  For two conventions running, now (namely, NoBrand Con 2006 and Anime Central 2006), I've run into random gamers, got to talking to them, and learned that they had heard of the group's name.  Lord help us!  ^_^;

Quotes - Too many to quote here.  A page will be added at some point.

Amarthir Faen'Dulinn - the company's Gold Elf wizard
Junior Pummels a Priest of Cyric - first artwork for Company of the Combustible Commode!
Celeblas Lhúgitar - Hadoriel's ancestor battles the ancient dragon, Fellionoshgranador
Xyphael Ailewind - the company's Moon Elf bard
Stinky - Hadoriel and Junior go in search of a way to clean up after their battle with a dire boar
The Sword They Call Bosk - Xyphael's enchanted, talking sword gets him into more trouble
Go, Go, Junior! - Junior punches.... something...

BESM - Neo City High: No Need for the Next Generation

Format: Big Eyes, Small Mouth second edition table top gaming system; Randy McCullick, GM

Character: Tamago Yukarinko

Status: Character still being RPed with NCH gaming group in Madison, WI

Ah, the country!  Tall trees, sprawling fields, nature at its best.  But damn if it wasn't too boring for a shape-changing ninja with flunkies and a kite.  The year is 2035 and 15-year-old Yukarinko is leaving home and making for Neo City.  Her parents are of course fine with it on the condition that she does not shirk going to school.  So it's off to Neo City High with her, where the fact that she's a shape-changing, kite-flying ninja with flunkies doesn't seem to phase anyone.  At least, it doesn't phase the anti-magical girl, the cat-people, and the wanted alien with a robot sidekick that has major artillary and a cappuchino machine built in.  Neo City High has had a good reputation for the past few years, but it looks like this year is going to be a banner year...

Interesting Factoids: This Neo City High game is actually a spin-off of a game played several years earlier.  It takes place one generation after the first game.  Also, a requisite for playing this game seems to be consuming something with sugar in it, just to get the right mood.

Tamago Yukarinko - the Tenshi Ninja clan invades Neo City!

BESM - Spellweavers - Fellowship of the Ever-Falling Troll

Format: Big Eyes, Small Mouth second edition table top gaming system: yours truly, GM

Character: N/A

Status: Game setting posted on net for public consumption.  Gaming group meeting on a regular basis in Madison, WI.

One thousand years ago, on the continent of Lathuria, a great war between Angels and Demons ended.  The Demons were defeated and the Angels shepherded humanity in a golden age.  Four Races of Power practice magic, but it is strongest in the hands of Humans, those caught between the three immortal races in their struggles.  Now, in the Year of the Golden Age 1005, the Demons are returning from their banishment to the Astral Plain and many are saying that the Golden Age is about to come to an end...

Sounds serious, doesn't it?  Well, guess what!  It's really all quite absurd, when you get right down to it.  A game setting for the lover of both fantasy and comedy using the revised second edition BESM rules!  Special thanks go out to my play-testers; Randy, Matt, Ed, Bob, Jeff, Deanna, and Brett.

Interesting Factoid: The Spellweavers setting originally began life as a short story I was going to write in high school.  As it happened, I got waylaid by other writing projects (cough, To Dream With the Stars, cough cough) and all the notes for it got packed away in a box along with all the rest of my old stuff from high school.  Then, one day while CotCC was in an interim (while Kasper's wife was having a baby!  Huzzah!) and we were all RPG deprived, I decided to GM something... anything, so that we wouldn't go into RPG withdrawl.  With only a week to put something together, I decided to dust off all the old notes.  The adventure sparked anew within me a desire to pull together the notes into something coherant, so at some point there will appear on this site a page with all the setting info for anyone looking to play a second ed BESM game in a fantasy/comedy setting.

Serenity - Flight of Persephone

Format: Serenity table top gaming system; Bob Laib, GM

Character: Jasimine "Jazz" Valencia

Status: Character still being RPed with the CotCC (+1) gaming group in Madison, WI

Here's how it is.  Persephone may be a run-down piece of ruttin' junk, *WHAM* but she'll get you where you need to go and she'll do it fast.  Her crew may leave something to be desired, though; a perpetually drunk captain, not one but two requisite trigger-happy fighters, a blind mechanic, a pilot obsessed with the ship's speed capabilities, a wet-behind-the-ears medic, and femme fatal with a gorram shotgun!  They've been sent on a job taking them across the 'Verse, running less-than-legal cargo and they run into Reavers, of all things!  This is a fine feh feh pi goh they've found themselves in.

Jasimine "Jazz" Valencia - dangerous beauty

Hunter - Catalyst

Format: World of Darkness: Hunter table top system by White Wolf ; Kelly Hyland, GM

Character: Kaitlin O'Bannon AKA Cinquefoil AKA Falchion

Status: Catalyst story arc ended, but character still being RPed with the Hunter-Catalyst RPG group in Madison, WI

A web designer/programmer from Boston, MA, Kaitlin was contacted by the mysterious Hunter organization known as Catalyst and recruited into their ranks.  Now, in a group with four other Hunters known by their Catalyst names as Sycamore, Fleur, Acanthus, and Tamarisk, she helps to keep the darkness of the monsters at bay.  But just what is the Catalyst organization?  And can she trust her team mates?  And who's to say the monsters must be destroyed?

Quotes - too many to quote here.  A page will be added at some point.

Interesting (but strange) factoid:  Given the apparent rarity of Hunter groups gaming in White Wolf's World of Darkness, this is an eerie coincidence.  The Catalyst group games in Madison, WI.  The only other Hunter group any of us has been able to find on line is a group at St. Olaf college whose story line is set in Madison.  But wait!  It gets stranger!  One of their recurring NPCs is a worker at Madison's Mendota Mental Hospital.  Where does one member of the Catalyst group work in real life?  Yup, you got it; Mendota Mental Hospital.

Hunter - Faith and Lies

Format: World of Darkness: Hunter table top system by White Wolf ; Kelly Hyland, GM

Character: Kaitlin O'Bannon AKA Cinquefoil AKA Falchion327

Status: campaign on hiatus, but character still being RPed with the Hunter-Catalyst RPG group in Madison, WI

With the death of the mysterious Hunter known as Coltsfoot and the collapse of the Hunter organization called Catalyst, Kaitlin O'Bannon decided to leave behind her old life in Boston in favor of new opportunities in Chicago. But the hunt is not easily abandonned and Kaitlin answers a call from to keep watch on a suspected Vampire. The mission turns into much more when she meets rookie Hunters Trisha, Bryshen, and Serj. In short order they are fighting for their lives and Kaitlin must call on her old Catalyst team-mates Oak and Coriander for help. Will this newly formed group be able to take back the night?

Interesting Factoid: Kaitlin is a surviving character from Hunter-Catalyst which in and of itself is nothing special since Oak and Coriander are as well. Of note, though, is the fact that Kaitlin was the only character of Hunter-Catalyst to have started with the first Catalyst mission, to have been there for the last one, and not miss a single one in between. Other characters came, went, or died. To my horror, this makes Kaitlin the most experienced member of the newly formed group. Not bad for someone who fainted on her first mission, 'eh?

Quotes - too many to quote here.  A page will be added at some point.

Kaitlin O'Bannon

Dungeons and Dragons - The Gods of Faerûn Must Be Crazy!

Format: Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition table top gaming system; Bob Laib, GM

Character: Laglish

Status: Interim RPG still continuing in random spurts with the CotCC RPG group in Madison, WI

What happens when you let fate and dice rolls determine character races and classes?  You get a Half-Orc Rogue, Drow Bard, Human Wizard, Gnomish Barbarian, an Alverial Elf with a very large hammer, and so damn many jokes flying that we can't even get to game play!

    - "Do you have any idea what a flying attack with a hammer that size can do!?" - Ed Dunkel, player of the Alverial.

Seventh Sea - Rose and Cross of San Pablo

Format: Seventh Sea table top gaming system; Bob Laib, GM

Character: Declan Zelazny Harper (AKA Siobhan Shannon Harper)

Status: Interim RPG still continuing in random spurts with the CotCC (+1) RPG group in Madison, WI

It sounded like a good idea.  Join the Knightly order of the Rose and Cross.  Meet interesting people.  Do some good for the out-of-control swashbuckling world of Thea.  But who knew that would bring Siobhan face-to-face with one of the world's most notorious Robin Hood thieves and one of her heroes.  And who knew he would be able to see through her disguise as a male!  Now, along side a dispossessed Castillian, a hulking Eisian giant, a half-drunk Avalonian noble, and a mysterious Vodacce courtesan, the two thieves must solve the riddle of the Rose and Cross's important missing books!  Just one catch; those books could get them into trouble with the Inquisition!

    - "I'm leaving faster." - Ed.
    - "I sink I brrock zis vone!" - Volker the Eisian, regarding a brute.
    - "Dead people can't pull!" - Randy.

Declan Zelazny Harper - he steals from the rich to give to the poor... and he looks kinda girly doing it...


Format: World of Darkness: Mage and Werewolf table top systems by White Wolf; Megan Fellows, GM

Character: Beatrice Adrasteia AKA Knightshade

Status: RPG not likely to resume, but character messing with character from "Hunter-Catalyst."

Something is threatening both the Mages and the Werewolves and Beatrice has connections that make her a part of both of those groups.  The clan of Glasswalker Werewolves she was born into was destroyed under mysterious circumstances that she cannot remember and she was raised by a group of Virtual Adept mages from age seven.  Now, thrust into the Umbra with three other mages, Kelly, Pip, and Anaxagoras, and two werewolves, Finnigan and Magda, she must work with the group to find their way back to their home town of Prague and stop whatever is hunting them.  But is Beatrice's past catching up with her?

    "No!  'Axie' is for emergencies!  'Tea is good with lemons' is for rampaging werewolves!" - Anaxagoras.

    Beatrice Adrasteia

Silver Age Sentinels - Mad City Masters

Format: Silver Age Sentinels table top gaming system; Bob Laib, GM

Character: Isabelle Elric AKA Void Witch

Status: Interim RPG still continuing in random spurts with the CotCC RPG group in Madison, WI

Madison, Wisconsin isn't particularly known for crime.  But that's because there are heroes like Void Witch, Xilem Kain, and Patriot around to keep the peace... and blow up the Medical Sciences building in the process.  When the plans of Neo-Nazis from a parallel dimension threaten the diversity-accepting community (especially the super-powered heroes that live there), our brave heroes have no choice but to act!  Are Void Witch's powers to blame for all the problems?  Will Patriot's desire for revenge go too far?  And will Xilem Kain be able to put up with these two new-comers horning in on his protectorate?  Fly on, Sentinels!  For truth, justice, and the safety of State Street!

    - "It's like a Bugs Bunny hole!" - Xilem Kain, regarding Void Witch's powers.
    - "His name's Patriot."
        "As in 'patriotic'?"
        "No, as in 'missile'." - Void Witch and Xilem Kain.
    - "Is that good?"
        "No!" - Xilem Kain and Void Witch, regarding Patriot's growing glow.
    - "Look, Wendy, I can fly!  Think dead Germans!  Yay!" - Patriot.

The Void Witch Conjures - Isabelle fries something with lots and lots of 'tude!
Issue #1 - comic book cover style artwork featuring Void Witch, Xilem, and Patriot


Format: Exalted table top gaming system by White Wolf; Bob Laib, GM

Character: Glirin of the Dawn

Status: Interim RPG still continuing in random spurts with the CotCC RPG group in Madison, WI

Reincarnation can be so confusing!  When Glirin first gained her powers as a Dawn Caste Exalt, she had no idea of the kinds of revelations it would lead her to.  For instance, she had no idea that in her past life, she was a man and the Twilight Caste man traveling with her in this life was her younger sister in the last!  Things only get worse when two more of their circle are Exalted right before their eyes and turn out to have been gay lovers in their previous lives!  Dawn, Twilight, Night, Eclipse... they're only missing their Zenith Caste circle-mate.  Gods only know what is going to come of that meeting!

    - "I know kama-sutra fu!" - Bob the GM.
    - "The first entity to get served is the cat." - Brett, regarding Alistair's rather large and imposing pet.
    - "Wood burns!" - Glirin and Alistair, in unison, referring to the Wood Dragon Exalt.
    - "BOO!" - Glirin.

Exalted - Hill of Two Towers

Format: One-shot adventure for the Exalted table top gaming system by White Wolf; yours-truly, creator

Character: N/A

Status: Undergoing an overhaul for bugs.  Hope to be able to put it up here for general consumption soon.

A mysterious call has brought together a perfect circle of Solar Exalts in a small town near the city of Nexus.  When they are asked by a local farmer to help him lift a haunting from a hill in the middle of his farm fields, they find themselves sealed in a cave.  But why does this place seem so familiar?  And who is trapped in there with them?

Special thanks go out to Caroline (beta-player of Aglaro), Deanna (beta-player of Laissell), Bob (beta-player of Gila), Creighton (beta-player of Elured), and Brian (beta-player of Elurin) for beta-testing the module for me and for putting up with my shenanigans as a first-time GM during the session!

    - "Can I see anything behind the tapestry?"
        "Well, seeing as how the Twilight's Obsidian Butterflies just shredded it..." - Caroline and GM.
    - "Being dead is very unsexy." - Caroline.


Format: Cyberpunk table top gaming system; Bob Laib, GM

Character: Kate Ryan

Status: Interim RPG still continuing in random spurts with the CotCC RPG group in Madison, WI

Kate Ryan has a very cool bike and every electronic device under the sun.  So what if she's a compulsive liar and has enough money on her head to buy India?

    - "Aah!  Space for more guns is always good!" - Jeff.

Kate Ryan - the image that nearly every crime syndicate has on file

Mage - Andromeda Galaxy

Format: World of Darkness: Mage table top gaming system by White Wolf; Creighton Hogg, GM

Character: Sybill Callahan

Status: Characters created, but time to play nonexistent.  RPG effectively defunct before game play started.

It is the far flung future of the World of Darkness.  The Technocracy is no longer a threat and the Existence of Mages is common knowledge, wiping out the effects of vulgar magic.  It is a golden age for mages and scientists alike and Humanity has made great strides because of it, finally reaching and settling the Andromeda Galaxy.  What new adventures await our heroes in this brave new world?  Is Humanity truly ready to be a super-race?

BESM - Section Nine

Format: Big Eyes, Small Mouth second edition table top gaming system; Bob Laib, GM

Character: Tenko Robinson

Status: Interim RPG still continuing in random spurts with the CotCC RPG group in Madison, WI

Give us your crazy, your black sheep, your obsessive.  We'll give them a badge and turn them loose on Chicago.  When a police case falls though the cracks, Section Nine will be there to catch it.  Whether it's too sensitive to be in the public eye or just so damn disgusting that no other department wants it, these guys handle it.  There's nothing like a retired detective straight man, a territorial computer nerd, a trigger-happy sniper, and a hyperactive ninja to get the job done!

    - "Everything's better with Ninjas in it!" - Tenko.
    - "The door was open and they shot first." - Brett (the slogan of Section Nine).

Tenko Robinson - because life is more fun with kawaii ninjas

BESM - Uresia

Format: Big Eyes, Small Mouth second edition table top gaming system; Bob Laib, GM

Character: Melian

Status: Interim RPG still continuing in random spurts with the CotCC RPG group in Madison, WI

She's a sorceress, she's a scholar, she's a woman of *ahem* considerable good looks and excellent manners, and she's out to save the world as a final project in her training as a high mage.  Oh, and did I forget to mention she's eight an eight-inch-tall fairy?  Together with a girl-crazy satyr, a displaced magical girl, a wandering demon, and her best friend the gallant knight, she'll run around Uresia, saving the world... one piece at a time.  It's not her fault if it doesn't stay saved...

Melian - this fairy can cast some powerful magic

Seventh Sea - Avalonian Nights

Format: Seventh Sea table top gaming system one-shot; Bob Laib, GM

Character: Bridgit Connaligh

Status: One-shot adventure played in the summer of 2005 with the CotCC (+1) gaming group in Madison, WI

All Bridgit really wanted was her mysterious fay lover back in her arms again.  The mystical sword training was a nice perk, but really, it was all that wonderful, wonderful fairy man.  But when her lover turns out to be part of a team out to assassinate Her Majesty, the Queen of Avalon, what side will Bridgit take?

Game Result: Bridgit ultimately chose to help defend the Queen, discovering that she had merely been used as a pawn to get close to her false lover's target.  This resulted in the death of the fay man and Bridgit was offered a position as a Knight of Avalon, which she took.

Bridgit Connaligh - left-handed swordswoman of skill

Serenity - Heart of Gold

Format: Serenity table top gaming system; Randy McKullick, GM.

Character: Rally Ling

Status: One-shot adventure with a plot hook for an on-going campaign.

Rally Ling loves to feel space beneath her feet.  But really, a lot of that time spent between worlds... it can really get aweful borin'.  So she reads.  A lot.  With one eye on the controls of the space ship Heart of Gold and one eye on her book, she makes her way in the 'Verse.  That's not to say she's a wimp, a'course.  She can shoot a gun good as any.  She just happens to puke right after on account of all the blood.  Gorram it!

Army of Light RPG

Format: Online RPG (Yahoo!Clubs/Groups) based upon the Sci-fi TV show Babylon 5

Character: Anla'shok Neshan

Status: RPG defunct.

It was the dawn of the third age of mankind.  But not quite the one you know all about.  The space station Babylon 5 is still the hub of galactic travel, but some of the names and faces are different.  For one, there's this Minbari named Neshan.  She's a Ranger, an Anla'shok, sworn to fight the darkness of the Shadows.  But why doesn't the White Star that she captains seem to need a crew?  And what's with the creepy holo-avatars?

Interesting Factoid: This was the first on-line RPG I ever played and it managed to go for about two years before it fell apart.  In that time, me and two friends, Creighton and Laura, managed to more or less control the story line without anyone else noticing.  Guess that was why it ended up getting boring...

Chaos World of Slayers

Format: Online RPG (Yahoo! Groups) based upon the Anime Slayers

Characters: Astrum Demergo and Ignus Ensis

Status: RPG defunct. Continuing story being written with Stargazer_Nataku, player of Sorcha Draconis.

She's a centuries-old Mazoku sealed in a Human body. He's the Human reincarnation of her Mazoku lover whom she killed. Between them stands their mutual friend, the swordswoman whose ancestor they together framed for murder... Valgaav ain't got nothin' on this angst!

    Astrum Demergo
    The Starkiller, Hoshikoshine
    Ignus Ensis
    Face in the Mirror
    Battle of the Standing Stones

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