Memoirs of a Nandor Elf Newbie by Sarah Bloy

A first time player's account of the very first Second Age Game
(September 21st, 2002; Governor Dodge State Park, Wisconsin)

Note!!!  Special thanks to Jack, Bob, Kerry, Shanda, and Shannon whose pictures I use throughout this page.  The full set of pictures can be seen at  All pictures are copyright 2002 their respective photographers.

Table of Contents
Part One: “How It All Got Started” or “Sauron Dragged Me Along”
In which Megan and Caroline finagle some new players into the mix, characters are chosen, and much trash is cleaned up.

Part Two: “Look At That Nice Clean Road” or “The Hike up Mount Doom… I Mean Barad-Dur"
In which the intrepid group of Second Age Game players attempt to familliarize themselves with the lay of the land.

Part Three: “My Character Attacked God” or “Not the Gay Porn Star Look"
In which Sarah B and Creighton go on a hunt for costuming materials and freak each other out.

Part Four: “On the Road Again” or “The Troll’s Hidden Rat"
In which the intrepid band of Second Agers make their way to the park and camp out... geek style!

Part Five: “Let the Game Begin” or “The Eryn Galen People Are Wearing WHAT!?!”
In which the Second Age Game is played and much mayhem ensues.

Ring Game: Unofficial Web Page
In which is contained the photos used herein and much information about the Second Age Game.  Go thee and visit the Second Age Alliance's page!