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Feldan HardrefenFeldan Hardrefen 

Appearance: Human, age 25, of medium height and thin build. Somewhat shaggy brown hair. Wears colorful yet road-worn clothing and a brown cloak. Carries a rucksack and no visible weapons. Though he wears the pin of a Master Lamplighter of the Order of the Lamp, a silver blazing lantern with concentric rings of silver and gold, he keeps it hidden inside his vest.


Born in GA 980 in the vast Atoll City, Feldan was raised by his father to be a businessman. He learned the trade of the merchant very early on, but found he had little taste for it. The only part of the merchant business that he cared for was the travel. The rest of his time was spent in frivolous pursuits that earned him a reputation as a rogue and a bit of a cad. He spends a great deal of time at the gaming tables and some even swear that he used magic to increase his well-known luck.


At age fifteen he had traveled enough of the continent to begin writing about it. By age 20, he had published several travel guides that have since spread over the whole of Lathuria. Feldan is now widely considered to be the most prolific writer on the continent.


In late GA 1001 he found himself in the coastal city of Zephilia researching the area to write an update to his wildly popular book A Wanderer's Guide to the Southwest Peninsulas. He soon found himself in the local festhall and ran into none other than Lyssa Greymalkin and Grumanis Wyndifer. One thing led to another and Feldan was soon matching wits with the famous sorceress over a game of chance. His luck was carrying him through, as it usually does, and Feldan was the odds-on favorite in the final round when suddenly, luck abandoned him and Lyssa won the game. She let him keep the winnings, but shared a private conversation with him afterward. No one knows what words were exchanged, but Feldan has been in her employ ever since.


What the rest of Lathuria doesn't know is that Feldan was actually recruited into the newly formed Order of the Lamp on that day. Now, he is the Master Lamplighter of the Northwest, though he and the Order carefully keep his membership quiet. Only Lyssa, the other three Master Lamplighters, the Lamplighters under his direct authority, and a very few select others know that he is a part of the Order of the Lamp.


Though he spends most of his time on the western part of the continent, Feldan serves as a line of communication for the Order of the Lamp. His life as a travel guide writer gives him a good cover to check in with the other Master Lamplighters and the Master Lampwright. Further more, his reputation as a carefree scoundrel affords him a sort of invisibility when it comes to getting into scrapes and being caught with valuable magical objects.


Grumanis Wyndifer Grumanis Wyndifer

Appearance: Human, age 22, of medium height and build.  Shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes.  Dresses the part of a mercenary swordsman in armor of blue and green.  Carries an intricate-looking magical sword.  He wears the pin of a Master Lamplighter of the Order of the Lamp, a silver blazing lantern with concentric rings of silver and gold.


    Born in GA 983 in the town of Rothicar at the center of the Desert of White Dust as the only son of the Wyndifer family, Grumanis knew from an early age that he would inherit the family's most prized possession; a sword of magic power.  The sword had seen little use in the past several generations as Rothicar is a peaceful town with little to offer anyone who might be interested in conquest.  But Grumanis refused to let the magical sword languish in an old chest, unused.  So he took up the art of the sword and taught himself.
    As his youth in Rothicar passed, Grumanis felt a growing desire to leave the small, isolated town and see the world.  Something was calling him to a more interesting life.  A year after the death of his father, he set out from Rothicar and began the hard journey across the Desert of White Dust to the lands outside.  It took him nearly two months to reach the city of Xellas to the south and he almost didn't make it across the harsh, dry desert.  But after he made it to Xellas he was able to begin a new life as an adventurer.
    In Rothicar, Grumanis had been a big fish.  But on the outside world he found that he in fact knew little of the cultures and history of Lathuria.  Stories that children had been told since the cradle were new to him and those who traveled with him soon grew impatient with his lack of knowledge and left.
    It was in GA 1000 that he met Lyssa Greymalkin on the road from Maice to Atoll City, coincidentally on the same day that the Blinding Pillar shot out from Barkarra.  In Atoll City, the two of them found themselves caught up in a clash between the desperate Atoll City military and a horde of Demons newly returned to the material plain.  In the midst of this battle, Lyssa cast a spell that had seemingly been lost to Humanity; Selket's Blossom, which called upon the lost power of the Demon Princess Selket.  In doing so, Lyssa most likely saved Grumanis' life, though at the time Grumanis could not fathom why she would bother; he had been under the impression that Lyssa, like everyone else, only tolerated him.
    Following the battle in Atoll City, Lyssa was asked by King Herrigarth to go south to try and find the whereabouts of Demon King Kellemain.  Feeling a new sense of loyalty to Lyssa, Grumanis would not be left behind.  Together with Lyssa and two others, Serenne Rada of the Gate Guard and Xolegun Shieldweilder of the White Clerics, they formed the adventuring party that would come to be known as the Magic Howlers.  Little is known about their quest to find the Demon King, but some reports have them traveling in the company of Elves, Angels, and even a Demon or two in their treks through the Fable Forest.
    One story about Grumanis has made him something of a legend on Lathuria, though.  The circumstances surrounding the encounter remain a mystery, but the Angel Knight Quonus himself will readily admit that the encounter happened.  At some point during the quest of the Magic Howlers, Grumanis and Quonus found themselves in a duel.  The battle was fierce, but in the end Grumanis defeated Quonus.  To this day, Quonus desires a rematch.  But when asked if he wants to kill Grumanis, the Angel usually replies with "why would I want to kill such an excellent sparring partner?"  To date, no other Human swordsman has ever bested the Knight of Protection in a duel.
    Shortly after a disastrous clash on an island off the southern coast of the Zephilian peninsula, the Magic Howlers were disbanded.
    Though they have parted from their other two comrades, Lyssa and Grumanis have remained inseparable.  Together, they went north west to Zephilia and settled there, building a large house.  Though they profess that marriage is not anywhere in the near future, it is plain to the people in Zephilia who know them that they are very much in love, whether they will admit it or not.
    A year later, in GA 1001, Lyssa and Grumanis declared open the House of the Ever-Lit Lamp and founded the Order of the Lamp.  They had only ten members at their founding, but eight of them promptly left Zephilia to recruit more into their ranks.  Grumanis remained in Zephilia and has been there ever since, assisting Lyssa in her duties as Master Lampwright and doing the duties of the Master Lamplighter of the South-West.
    Though at times it seems as though Grumanis does not know what is going on, nothing could be farther from the truth.  From time to time he does require some exposition that others take for granted, but he is more in the know about events on Lathuria than many will take him to be.  He largely lives his life in Lyssa's shadow and he seems more or less content to do so.  He does, at times, seem not to know whether he should run from her or protect her, but the confusion always seems to work itself out in the end.


Download stats for Grumanis Wyndifer here!



Appearance: Elf, age 157 though he looks much younger, 3’9” and medium build (on the short side for an elf, which contributes to his ageism flaw).  Brown hair, grey eyes, dresses in the greens of the Elvenqueen’s clan.  Carries a longbow and arrows and has been known to wear the garb of an adventurer, though nowadays he dresses more as a tavern host.


    Born in GA 848 in the Elven city of Ellisam, he is a direct descendent of Queen Withra and King Xillcarn and as such is a member of the Queen’s clan.  He tends not to make too much of a big deal about it, however, since said clan, as the oldest Elven clan on Lathuria, is quite large.  He grew up in Ellisam studying the ancient arts of elemental magic and generally floated through his life at the end of the Golden Age.  He is neither arrogant nor self-effacing and most people took little notice of him as a result.

    Queen Withra, however, knew better.  In GA 1004, she sent him north-west toward Zephilia to be her eyes and ears in the field, watching the movements of Humans, Demons, and Angels alike.  However, away from his coddled life in Ellisam, he found that he had to make his way in the world at the same time and became an adventurer for hire.  In GA 1005, during a stopover in Zephilia, Llanwre was hired by Lyssa Greymalkin and Grumanis Wyndifer along with several others to investigate legends of an ancient wizard’s artifact in the local ruin, the Tower of Rixx.  With some work, the group found their way to the tower ruins and managed to find the 500-year-old Orb of Rixx and returned it to the House of the Ever-Lit Lamp in Zephilia.  However, for reasons that almost no one knows, Lyssa and Grumanis let the group keep the orb.

    Deciding they worked well together, the group stayed together for a number of months, traveling in a general north-eastern direction.  Eventually, Llanwre decided to leave the group and begin a new business.  Together with Guy the White Mage, a fighter known best as “The Iron Chef,” and a Minotaur named Rockarth, he founded the Crystal Orb Inn and Tavern in the central-western portion of the continent, nearly equidistant from Ellisam, Atoll City, and Zephilia.  The Orb of Rixx remained with them, giving their new business its name.  The rest of the group went on to form the Fellowship of the Ever-Falling Troll several months later.


    Character originally created by Brett Adams.


    Download stats for Llanwre here!



Appearance: King of the Angels, though he doesn’t trouble himself with meaningless trappings such as crowns or scepters.  He is very fair of face even for an Angel.  He has bright white hair which he wears long, sometimes in a tail but not always.  He dresses rather esoterically in whites and light greys.  His eyes are an almost supernatural hue of blue that seem to pierce through whatever he gazes upon.  Like many of his race, he has great white wings.


    The oldest living of the Angel race, King Lylemuth is an accomplished warrior and is known to be the best white mage ever to walk the face of Lathuria.  And he has walked Lathuria for a very long time.  He has never lost his material body and been banished to the Astral Plain, the way most immortals have.  He does, of course, know the Astral Plain, having visited there many times.  But he has never been trapped there, gathering energies to form a new material body.

    He did not always rule the race of Angels alone.  When he first awakened on the material plain, there was at his side a mate for him, Queen Erishkegal.  The two were, quite literally, meant for each other and they were very much in love in the early days of the world and many are the Angels who can claim descent from the two of them.

    However, during the fabled War of the Young, when the Angels and Demons first clashed, Queen Erishkegal answered a challenge from Queen Kali of the Demons for honorable combat.  The battle between the two was so fierce that it destroyed both their material bodies.  No one really knows what happened after that, but it is assumed that they continued their battle on the Astral Plain.  Soon after, the magic that was derived from both of them ceased to answer the call of casters on the material plain and all their astral energies were lost.

    Lylemuth was devastated by the loss of his queen and has remained in something of a state of mourning ever since.  Though by his nature as an Angel he is not a destructive person, Lylemuth definitely sought revenge on his queen’s killers and many say that it was this loss that spurred him on to continue to battle the Demons for age after age.

    Shortly after the death of Queen Erishkegal, Lylemuth crafted for himself a sword, endowing it with a measure of his astral energy to give it certain powers.  He used the sword in battle all the time, its powers always active in battle even when he cast no spells to activate them.  It granted him extra protection from most conventional attacks, made him virtually immune to black magic, and whenever he had it in hand it seemed to many that he had more strength and power.  Some legends even say that strikes he made with the sword would sometimes flare with brilliant light that would tire his opponent.  The sword of Lylemuth became something of a legend over the centuries and soon no one would fight him when he had it in hand; it was better to run.  Some even credit the sword with the eventual downfall of the Demons and the defeat of Demon King Kellemain at the dawn of the Golden Age.

    The Sword of Lylemuth has passed into legend, though.  The Angel king never speaks of its loss, but many from that time remember that he had it at the battle that marked the fall of Barkarra and afterward simply did not.  Many have tried to search for it in the millennium since, but there is no known record of where it went.

    Lylemuth has led the Angels well in the Golden Age and has undertaken many projects to make Lathuria flourish.  He nurtured the healers’ camp of Maice into a prosperous city of white magic and helped to found the White Clerics.  His hand can be seen all over Lathuria where great and beautiful things have been built since the ancient war.  However, as the year 1000 of the Golden Age approached, he once again turned his mind to defensive and protective works in anticipation of the return of the Demon King and his army.  And the rest of Lathuria braced for war along with him.

   However, GA 1000 turned out very different than what he and most others had anticipated.  There were battles at first, very soon after King Kellemain’s return.  The two immortal kings even faced off in a duel of honor.  But very quickly Lylemuth turned his eye upon the small adventuring party known as the Magic Howlers.  He was not alone in this.  King Kellemain had as well, as had Queen Withra of the Elves.  In pursuit of the Howlers, all three finally met on an island off the southwestern coast of Lathuria near the city of Zephilia.

    Like his other immortal counterparts and like the Magic Howlers themselves, King Lylemuth has remained very tight-lipped about what happened there, but most surmise that some form of a battle took place because there was a great unleashing of energies the likes of which had not been seen on Lathuria since the last days of the War of the Young.  It flattened trees as far away as ten miles beyond the shores of the island.

    And yet, despite this great clash, Lylemuth has since backed off from his desired war against the Demons.  Instead, he has returned to the practice he adopted in the last few decades before the turn of the millennium and has once again undertaken defensive and protective projects.  But he has not instigated anything even remotely resembling a campaign against King Kellemain or the Demons.


Download stats for King Lylemuth here!


Lyssa GreymalkinLyssa Greymalkin

Appearance: Human, age 22, of medium height and build.  Long straw blonde hair with wild bangs, grey eyes.  She dresses the part of a mage, typically wearing esoteric clothing of blues and purples.  She carries a silver staff with a blue crystal orb atop it.  She wears the pin of the Master Lampwright of the Order of the Lamp, a silver blazing lantern with concentric rings of silver, gold, and orihalcum.


    Born in GA 983 in the city of Quinlann to a family of mages, Lyssa was brought up to live the life of an adventurer.  Both her parents were members of the Guild of Wizards and its was expected that Lyssa would simply follow in her parents' footsteps.  From a very young age, she was a prodigy mage.  Casting spells came as naturally to her as breathing.  Many said that her talent was almost unnatural.
    When she reached the age of sixteen, her family allowed her to leave Quinlann on her own to begin her life as a seeker of knowledge.  She never quite seemed to get around to actually joining the Guild of Wizards, though, and everywhere she went her family's messages asking her to do so would follow her.  Lyssa spent about a year poking about the libraries and secret places of Lathuria before her life as an adventurer suddenly propelled her to legendary status.
    In GA 1000, coincidentally on the day the Blinding Pillar shot out from Barkarra, she met Grumanis Wyndifer on the road between Maice and Atoll City.  After defeating a band of Orcish bandits, the two continued to Atoll City which suddenly found itself inundated with hoards of Demons emerging from the ruin of Barkarra.  The overwhelmed Atollean military put out a call for battle mages and warriors of all kinds and Lyssa and Grumanis found themselves answering the call.  In the midst of the battle, Lyssa achieved a miracle; she called upon the power of the Demon Princess Selket, long thought to have been killed like her mother Queen Kali, and cast the Black Magic spell Selket's Blossom.  Shortly thereafter, the Demon forces abruptly pulled back from Atoll City and disappeared southward.
    Fearing for the safety of his city, King Herrigarth of Atoll City enlisted Lyssa's help in locating the Demon King Kellemain and his knights.  Grumanis refused to remain behind and the King sent Serenne Rada, a trusted member of his Gate Guard, with them.  They enlisted the help of a member of the White Clerics, Xolegun Sheildwielder, and together formed the adventuring party that would come to be known as the Magic Howlers.  After that, little is known about their quest to find the Demon King, but some reports have them traveling in the company of Elves, Angels, and even a Demon or two in their treks through the Fable Forest.
    What is known is that Lyssa led the Magic Howlers to an island off the southern coast of the Zephilian peninsula and there found herself in the middle of a clash between Demon King Kellemain, Angel King Lylemuth, and Elven Queen Withra.  The entire island was decimated in the battle that ensued and miles of trees along the coast of the mainland near the island were flattened in the magical backlash from the clash.  Following that encounter, the Immortal Kings and Queen all gathered their forces and left the island without further incident.  Shortly thereafter, Lyssa led the Magic Howlers back to the mainland none the worse for wear and declared to those who asked that all was well and that they shouldn't worry.
    Shortly after that, the Magic Howlers were disbanded.
    Though they have parted from their other two comrades, Lyssa and Grumanis have remained inseparable.  Together, they went north west to Zephilia and settled there, building a large house.  Though they profess that marriage is not anywhere in the near future, it is plain to the people in Zephilia who know them that they are very much in love, whether they will admit it or not.
    A year later, in GA 1001, Lyssa and Grumanis declared open the House of the Ever-Lit Lamp and founded the Order of the Lamp.  They had only ten members at their founding, but eight of them promptly left Zephilia to recruit more into their ranks.  Lyssa remained in Zephilia and has been there ever since, doing the duties of the Order of the Lamp's highest office, the Master Lampwright.  Grumanis remains at her side, in the position of Master Lamplighter of the South-West.
    Now, in the year 1005 Lyssa is the youngest leader of a Lathuria-wide organization at the age of twenty-two.  To date, she remains the only mage who has been able to cast Selket's Blossom.  When asked how she did it, she remains mysteriously tight-lipped about it, but she is also quick to brag that she can do it again whenever she desires.  Some say that Lyssa is something of an impulsive person, too loud and too impetuous to be the leader of an organization such as the Order of the Lamp.  But members of the Order paint a very different picture, one of a very serious and focused person willing to do what is necessary to fulfill her goals... it's just that no one seems to know what those goals are.


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Appearance: Youngish looking Minotaur, though Minotaurs usually don’t tend to keep track of such things.  Nine-foot tall and very imposing.  He carries a great axe and wears a nose ring, a cow bell, and two tiny chibi dolls at the ends of his horns.  He’s a Minotaur... and everyone knows it.  He’s not just a Minotaur, he’s a Minotaur!!


    When asked about his childhood and where he grew up, Rockarth has always replies with the same answer; “uhhhh...”  And that is usually just before a fight breaks out and such things become rather unimportant.  But one thing is for certain; in a fight, you want Rockarth on your side.  Mainly so that you don’t have to fight him.

    Even for a Minotaur, though, he has several strange habits.  For one thing, he seems to enjoy the sound of his shiny brass cowbell far too much.  He wears it all the time, even when he sleeps.  The last person to insult it has not been seen for several months.  Also, Rockarth wears two tiny dolls, dangling from the ends of his horns.  When asked where he got them, Rockarth simply replies “little girl.”  He seems to treasure them, though.  If ever you see him take them off, prepare to either see a goring or, Lord of Worlds help you, be gored.

    Rockarth has been an adventurer for as long as anyone outside his herd has known him.  In GA 1005, he found himself near the city of Zephilia and was hired by Lyssa Greymalkin and Grumanis Wyndifer for the Order of the Lamp to go with a group of adventurers to raid the Tower of Rixx.  There, the group found the ancient artifact called the Orb of Rixx, reported to be able to suck the life out of any magic user it touched.  Since he was the only one in the group who was not one of the Races of Power, Rockarth was appointed the carrier of the orb to bring it back to Zephilia.  For some strange reason, though, Lyssa, Grumanis, and the Order of the Lamp allowed the group to keep the Orb of Rixx.  Many believe it was because Rockarth was unwilling to part with it.  He could be seen for several months afterward tossing the powerful object up in the air as they went along, sending many scattering.

    Several months later, Rockarth and three other members of the adventuring group split off and settled in central-western Lathuria to begin a new business, the Crystal Orb Inn and Tavern.  Rockarth acts as the bouncer for the establishment and shares ownership with the Elf Llanwre, the Human white mage Guy, and the Human fighter known best as “The Iron Chef.”

    The Orb of Rixx is still in Rockarth’s possession and gave the Crystal Orb its name.  To this day, Rockarth is still the only one allowed to touch it.


    Character originally created by Jeff Koeppel.


    Download stats for Rockarth here!


Xolegun Shieldwielder

Appearance: Human, age 25, of medium height and build, though he is slightly thinner than most.  Short, black hair but for a streak of white going directly down the center of his head.  As a member of the White Clerics, he dresses mostly in white, though of a slightly more athletic theme than most of the order.  He carries a silver staff and wears the silver, shield-shaped cloak pin of a Dove of the White Clerics.

    Born in GA 980, Xolegun was raised in Maice.  The son of a prominent member of the Clerics Hospitlar, it was simply expected than he would follow in his mother's footsteps.  From a very young age, he followed his mother around while she did her work.  He absorbed knowledge like a sponge, especially that pertaining to White Magic.  Something of a prodigy, he was inducted into the White Clerics at only 12 years old.
    The elder members of the White Clerics took note of his sponge-like affinity for learning and when he reached the age of sixteen they began to send him out from Maice on errands for the order.  His official capacity was messenger, but unofficially, he became Maice's eyes and ears on many of the other cities in the area.  It was on one of these errands that Xolegun found himself in Atoll City in GA 1000 when a hoard of Demons made a blitzkrieg over the Barkarran Mountains.  While offering his considerable White Magic to the defense of Atoll City, he witnessed Lyssa Greymalkin casting the spell of the Demon Princess Selket.
    Shortly thereafter, he was recruited into the adventuring party assembled by King Herrigarth of Atoll City that would become known as the Magic Howlers.  The group was sent south to try and locate the Demon King Kellemain who was newly returned to the material plain.  Little is known about their quest to find the Demon King, but some reports have them traveling in the company of Elves, Angels, and even a Demon or two in their treks through the Fable Forest.
    What is known was that there was a confrontation of some sort or another on an island south of the Zephilian peninsula that involved the Magic Howlers and representatives from all three immortal Races of Power.  There was an explosion so massive that trees on the mainland were flattened for a few miles along the coastline.  Yet somehow, all of the Magic Howlers managed to survive and return to the mainland unscathed.  Some believe that Xolegun himself may have been responsible for this near miracle.  Oddly enough, his hair had always been pure black up until then.  Following the quest of the Magic Howlers, he has worn the strange white streak down the center.
    For a while, rumor had it that Lyssa and Grumanis had asked Xolegun to join them in founding the Order of the Lamp.  When asked about it, however, he has always answered that his duty has always lay with the White Clerics.
    Following all of that, Xolegun returned to Maice where it quickly became evident to the elder members of the White Clerics that Xolegun now enjoyed a kind of fame (or was cursed by it, depending on your point of view).  It was clear that his role as discreet eyes and ears had to come to an end; he was too high profile for that kind of work now.  It was only about a year later, however, that the Dove of Maice retired from the order.  Seeing the potential Xolegun had for management, the White Bishop, Hastika Gilsdottir, appointed him as the new Dove of Maice.  At the age of twenty-one, Xolegun became the youngest Human ever to be appointed a Dove of the White Clerics.  Since then, Xolegun has been Hastika's right hand, leading the White Clerics in the area around Maice.  Of late, he has taken the lead in dealing with the growing threat of the Black Knights in the city.  His biggest concern at the moment is learning the plans that Hastarl Gelsson has for the keep he is building west of Maice.
    Xolegun seems to have a strangely cavalier attitude toward his duties, though he shirks them not in the slightest.  For him, the life of a White Cleric is completely normal and something he has known his entire life.  Where others see miraculous healings, he simply sees a new spell to learn.  Where others may be awestruck by the sight of a White Cleric doing her work, Xolegun takes it in stride.  Oddly enough, though, he also takes association with Elves and other immortals in stride.  He is often seen in the company of Stella, a messenger of the Elven Court.


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