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    Hey all, and welcome to my new and improved Fan Fiction page!

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    On to the Fics!  Enjoy!  ^_^

Forgotten Realms

I've been playing D&D in this world for over two years, now, so you know it was bound to happen.  Elaine Cunningham's Songs and Swords series is my favorite set of novels for the setting.  You gotta love any set of books that include a Dwarf named Jill, a hero who fights like an Italian renaisannce fencer, and an incredible shrinking siege machine!

Sweet water to you!

The Adventures of the Blade and the Ballad - Just what, exactly, are Arilyn Moonblade and Danilo Thann up to in those long stretches of time between books?  Why, getting into more trouble and making their relationship more complicated, of course!
        Chapter One: A Mark Upon the Soul - Wherein the author attempts to revisit something that was forgotten about and the heroine chooses the power she will add to the Moonblade.
        Chapter Two: Code Duello - Wherein Waterdeep's nobility get their feathers ruffled by a half-elf and Danilo must defend Arilyn's honor.  Coming soon.

The Ongoing Adventures of the Company of the Combustible Commode - They got their name from an exploding John!  Now, you, too, can read about their adventures in quick capsule format!

Star Wars

I'm very big into the Jedi Apprentice and prequel era story lines, so that's what my Star Wars fanfic mainly centers on.  Here, they're listed in rough chronological order.

Just a Pretty Rock - Following the events on Phindar and Gala, Obi-Wan faces an unforseen problem during his meditations.  SPOILERS for JA numbers 3, 4, and 5.

Interlude of Sorrow - Following his return to the Jedi Temple and the Order, Obi-Wan Kenobi's fate as a Jedi Padawan is still in doubt.  Is his state of mind truly that of a Jedi?  SPOILERS for JA through book 8.

And Then... a Stampede of Elephants - Qui-Gon makes a challenge to Yoda, much to the chagrin of his Padawan.  Much randomness ensues.  Total humor, dedicated to my friend and fellow lunatic, Shorinai.

Time - Qui-Gon at the end of his time, confronting the Force in his own, unique way.  WARNING!  A highly experimental fic!

A Simple Mission - A year after the death of Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan and Anakin are still settling into their roles as Master and Padawan.  Meanwhile, the Jedi Council sends them, along with another Master-Padawan pair, on a seemingly routine mission.    Chapters: 1, 2, 3 (part 1), 3 (part 2)  Illustrations: Keerina, Darth Kardis, Cover Art WIP

JA Fanfic Fanlisting Want more Jedi Apprentice fanfic? Check out the JA Fanfic Fanlisting!

Lord of the Rings

Faramir and Merry are my squeezes in this fandom.  And I am totally a book-canon freak.  I love doing research to write this fiction and I abhor people who can't be bothered with doing it.  Grelvish is one of my biggest pet-peeves.

Fangirls... please note... "hannon le" is grammatically incorrect Sindarin.  The phrase should be "le hannon."  If you don't know Sindarin, please don't pretend that you do... ^^;

Bado na sídh!  ^_^

Dirty Work - Written for the Henneth Annún "Film Trillogy" challenge.  Faramir ponders Frodo, Sam, Gollum, and the dirty work of warefare during The Two Towers.

Steps - Written for the Henneth Annún "Don't Worry, Be Happy" challenge.  Faramir and King Elessar speak of children and the miracles of life and standing on your own.

Shipwright - Círdan, the Lord of Mithlond, gets a trifle angsty not long before the Battle of Five Armies.  It takes a certain grey-clad Istar to show him the brighter side of change.  2005 MEFA nominee.

The Traveling Mouse of Númenor - Written in the spirit of Tolkienís ďThere is an Inn.Ē At the coronation of King Elessar, Faramir and Samwise attempt to entertain some of the Citadelís youngest guests. 2005 MEFA nominee.

That Which We Are - After his nightmare about the fall of Númenor, Faramir finds solace in the words of one who saw it.  2005 Mithril Awards Nominee.

The Chronicles of Ithilien - After the War of the Ring, something still moves in the East.  Now, Ithilien is Gondorís first line of defense and Faramir, the Steward of Gondor, is charged with keeping her borders.  Can this mystery be solved or will Ithilien fall?  Now with spiffy new teaser poster and story trailer! WIP
        Chapter One: The Final Shadow of Sauron - in which the White Company is formed, plans are made to rebuild Ithilien, and Faramir confronts the last demon left over from the War of the Ring.
        Chapter Two: Awakening of Fell Things - in which a time of joy is shattered by a new war, an heir to the Stewardship is born, and relationships are defined by actions.
        Chapter Three: The Battle of Minas Morgul - in which Bergil does some growing up, Beregond does some growing old, Éowyn does some growing irate, and the Orkish king makes his appearance. Now with chapter artwork - Beregond and Bergil.

Find more fanfiction at Henneth Annún Story Archive

Power Rangers

Being one of the original "Morphies," my fandom for this show is decidedly old skool.  Therefore, my fanfic for it is mainly concerned with the show's original "dynasty" of MMPR through PRiS.  That also includes my favorite story arc of the show, Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers.

Note that this was also the first show for which I wrote fanfiction.  Some of it is very bad and will never see the light of day.  Those who have seen it have seen it and... well... let's just say they're responsible for making my writing better.  ^_^;

Power Rangers of Aquitar - Set during the show's first and second seasons, this is a take on what was happening on Aquitar.  We all know the story of what happened when the Alien Rangers came to Earth, but what about before that?  How did they get their powers?  What kinds of battles did they fight? WIP
        Author's Notes
        Chapter One: Water Color - Delphine, Aurico, Cestro, Tideus, and Corcus are given the powers of the Rangers of Aquitar and defend Ruonsenar from Moriarís first attack.
        Chapter Two: Trust Fall - The Rangers must journey to Agualor to receive their Battle Borgs.  However, Delphine and Aurico have a minor falling out on the way and must learn to trust each other, fully, in battle when Hydro Hog attacks.  COMING SOON

Kirtwar-English Dictionary - A mini-guide to the fan-made Aquitian language known as Kirtwar, the language of Aquitian planetary government in my stories.  Note that this is ever evoloving as more words are added every time I write.
        Last updated 6/9/03

Babylon 5

All you gotta know is that I'm a rabid Zack fan.  ^_^

Babbling Five Years - Animaniacs once did a send-up of Star Wars.  What if they did one of Babylon 5?  Hey, they're both Warner Brothers, it could happen...

Face in the Mask - Just after the break from the Earth Alliance, Zack goes to Proxima III under cover in an effort to put a stop to Dust smuggling on B5 and finds much more than he bargained for.

Face in the Mirror - It's 2262 and the Earth Alliance civil war is over, Clarke's regime has been toppled.  But what about all those baddies they never found?  The crew finds out and Zack has a very bad day in the process as he is forced to come to terms with his role during the Shadow War.

I'd like to take this moment to honor the memory of Richard Biggs, our very own Dr. Stephen Franklin, who died on May 22nd, 2004 at the age of 44.  I tightly hold a Gloppitt Egg in his memory.  May it glow forever.

X-Men: Evolution

Never really got into the comic universe(s) or the first cartoon.  But this version is certainly something I've sunk my teeth into!

Mushroom Hunting - An accident with some peyote mushrooms causes meyhem.  Inspired by the Yoko Kanno songs "Mushroom Hunting" and "Chicken Bone," so you know it's going to be insane! ^_~

Passing Time, Fighting Night - A mysterious force pulls Kitty fifteen years into the future.  She finds the war-torn and shattered remnants of Professor Xavier's dream.
        Chapter One - In the Footsteps of Alice
        Chapter Two - Stubborn
        Chapter Three - Interlude
        Chapter Four - Looking Glasses and Flying Fists
        Chapter Five - Plans, Plans, Plans
        Chapter Six - Farewells and Finales
        Illustrations: Future Nightcrawler, Blizzard, Fire Bomber, Lycanthrope, "Stubborn Men"

Passing Time, Bringing Dawn - The sequal to Passing Time, Fighting Night.  Kitty thought everything was back to normal when she returned from the future.  But time and continuity have other ideas.  WIP On hiatus for the foreseeable future.
        Chapter One - A Mystery for Cerebro
        Chapter Two - Reunion in th Future Tense
        Chapter Three - Future History and Past Speculation
        Chapter Four - A Lullaby for Lycanthrope
        Chapter Five - Further Revelations
        Chapter Six - COMING SOME DAY...
        Illustrations: Angelique

Mobile Suit Gundam

Long live the Universal Century!  ^_^

The White Base Rebellion - Second place winner of the NoBrand Con 2003 fanfiction contest!  UC 0080. To prevent the destruction of Side Six, the crew of White Base must come together once more and take arms against their own side. Can Bright Noah stop the militaristic plot of Joint Chief General McAllis? Or is Side Six doomed?
        Author's Notes
        Chapter One: Bright's Decision to Act!
        Chapter Two: Steal Away Silently, Gunmarauder!
        Chapter Three: Intellegence Mission!
        Chapter Four: Charge of the Bright Brigade!

Faith on a Poasterboard - Bright and Mirai discuss the existence of Newtypes and the reader gets those WAFF feelings! The result of a 3AM plot bunny set toward the end of the series.


For anyone who follows the whole Purist/McKinneyist debate, I'm neither.  I am simply a fan, meaning that I'll take new story wherever I find it, be it show, books, comics, whatever.  Besides, can't we all just get along?  ^_^

To Dream With the Stars - What if Max had been the main character of Robotech instead of Rick?  What might we have learned about everyone's favorite blue-haired ace of aces?

Magic Mecha Ride - It's three in the morning.  What could little Dana and Bowie possibly be doing with the washing machine?


Slayers Wild - A gap-filler miniseries that takes place between Next and Try.  With Gaav and Phibrizzo dead, who's going to call off all their minions?  Lina and company fend off more Mazoku in their own... unique way.  WIP
        Episode One: Eternal Darkness?  The Reawakening of the Sword of Light!
        Episode Two: Black Sheep!  Family Tree of a Madman!
        Episode Three: A Trip Home!  My Family's Weirder Than Yours Is!  Coming soon.


No Living Man... - Merry and Eowyn in their battle against the Lord of the Nazgul from JRR Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King."

Draigons - Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi battle against the fearsome Draigons in the first Jedi Apprentice book, "The Rising Force," by Dave Wolverton.

SD Max Sterling - Robotech's greatest fighter pilot, all cute and snuggly!  ^_^

Aquapeds - Ben Franklin skates an unfrozen river in Prague in J. Gregory Keyes' second installment of The Age of Unreason, "A Calculus of Angels."

Danilo Thann - Waterdeep's (in)famous Harper-Bard from Elaine Cunningham's Songs and Swords series of the Forgotten Realms.

Arilyn Moonblade - The half-elf Moonfighter from Elaine Cunningham's Songs and Swords series of the Forgotten Realms.

Fell Beast - a mount of the Nazgûl flies over Mordor in JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

Three Is Company - Frodo, Sam, and Pippin travel through the Shire in JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

To The Meres of Morthond, Never Returning - Obscure lore from JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings: Derufin and Duilin battle an Oliphaunt on the Pelennor.

Harpers in the Moonlight - Arilyn Moonblade and Danilo Thann from Elaine Cunningham's Forgotten Realms novel series, Songs and Swords.

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